■ Sterling Silver with Green Enamel Finish: Crafted of Sterling Silver, our Irish Stud Earrings are incredibly durable and very shiny, while the green enamel finish adds a vibrant touch of color. 

■ Wonderful Shamrock Design: Shaped like shamrocks, these earrings are an ode to Irish culture and history, representing a symbol of faith and luck that dates back centuries. 

■ Green and White Crystals: Our earrings boast luxurious green and white crystals that add a pop of color and style. 

■ Size and Dimensions: These earrings measure 0.51” by 0.51”, the ideal size for you to subtly display your love for Irish culture and heritage. 

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These shamrock earrings really shine with their combination of lovely design and rich color. This earring set was designed and crafted in Ireland, and it comes packaged in a beautiful gift box. The shamrock is a beloved symbol of Ireland that is immediately recognizable to almost everyone. The traditional Irish shamrock is a three leaf clover that is believed to have been used by Saint Patrick himself to explain the concept of the Christian Holy Trinity to the ancient Celts. Emerald green is a color that is proudly associated with all things Irish.

Together, the shamrock and emerald green hue make an exceptional match in this pair of earrings that would be cherished by any proud Irish woman.