Silver Pearl Celtic Drop Earrings with Fresh Water Design


■ Crafted from high-quality Irish Hallmarked Sterling Silver 
■ Feature a delicate and elegant freshwater pearl gemstone 
■ The gemstone is beautifully set in a Celtic knotwork design 
■ The earrings measure 0.31" in width and 0.67" in height 
■ Make sure to store the earrings in a dry, enclosed place 


Freshwater pearls are wonderful gems with deep significance. They symbolize purity, wisdom, and harmony, and this makes these delicate earrings a great gift for someone who is perfectly described by these values. The earrings feature a lovely knotwork design that encircles the gemstone beautifully and adds even more Irish charm to the design. The earrings are crafted from durable and elegant sterling silver that was hallmarked in Dublin. You can see the touch of Irish jewelers in the authentic design of these earrings. The authenticity, the symbolism, and the craftsmanship make these earrings a wonderful Irish gift for your sweetheart!