Two Tone Celtic Drop Earrings


■ Two tone yellow and white rhodium plated finish
■ Beautiful Trinity knot with circle design on pendants
■ Designed and hand crafted by Solvar Jewelers
■ Made in Ireland
■ Measurements: 17mm x 17mm


These elegant Two Tone Celtic Drop Earrings make a wonderful addition to any jewelry collection. Made by Solvar, these earrings are constructed from a high-quality base metal and plated with a yellow and white gold finish to illustrate the different elements of the Trinity knot and circle. A triangle shape encircles the entire design creating a rich border for these meaningful earrings. The back has a clasp for extra security wherever they are worn.

The interwoven Trinity knot pattern is among the oldest Irish design elements in existence, predating even Christianity itself in Ireland. The unbroken knot pattern symbolized eternal live and endless love in pagan Ireland, and was adapted to Catholic significance after the 5th century to symbolize the eternal God and holy Trinity of Father, Son, and Holy Spirit. The ancient Celts believed that all things in the universe were connected and represented that through their intricate knot patterns, making conversion of that artistic idea easy for translation into Christian themes.

As an award-winning jewelry, Solvar carries nearly 80 years of experience crafting some of Ireland’s finest Celtic accessories. Now in its third generation as a family-run business based in Dublin, Solvar is committed to the highest quality materials and designs that emphasize the best of Irish artwork from Claddagh rings to Trinity knots. All their jewelry bears the official hallmark of the Dublin Assay Office to certify its authenticity. 

Made in Ireland. Pendants measure 17mm x 17mm.