Sterling Silver Claddagh Creole Small Earrings



■ Sterling Silver: Crafted of 100% Sterling Silver, these Irish earrings are incredibly durable, very shiny, and rust-resistant. 

■ Claddagh Design: Our creole earrings are an ode to the Claddagh, a beautiful Irish symbol representing love, friendship, and loyalty. 

■ Size and Dimensions: These earrings measure approximately 1.14” wide and 1.14” tall, the ideal size for them to be the subtle yet eye-catching cherry on top of your outfit. 

■ Fantastic Irish Gift: Beautifully crafted in Ireland, our earrings are the perfect gift for any enjoyer of Irish culture who wants to look their best and honor their Irish heritage. 


Elegantly embody the spirit of Ireland with our Sterling Silver Claddagh Creole Small Earrings. Made of 100% Sterling Silver, these Irish creole earrings are lightweight, durable, very shiny, and rust-resistant.
Our earrings are made in the wonderful small hoop “Creole” style, adding versatility, being ideal for everyday wear. They feature one of Ireland’s most recognizable symbols: the Claddagh. Legend has it that the first Claddagh ring was designed by an Irish mariner for a lost love in the Claddagh region of County Galway after he was captured and sold into slavery. The Claddagh is formed of two hands that symbolize friendship, a heart that represents love, and a crown that suggests the idea of loyalty. These earrings measure 1.14” in width and height, the ideal size for you to subtly show your love for Ireland in a way that will grab anyone’s attention.
This creole earring set was crafted in Ireland and comes packaged in a beautiful gift box. Impress a lover of Irish culture today by gifting them our Sterling Silver Claddagh Creole Small Earrings: the best way to express your love, friendship, and loyalty.