Sterling Silver Trinity Knot Drop Earrings


■ Crafted from 100% sterling silver, ensuring durability, rust-resistance, and a timeless shine that will withstand the test of time
■ The Celtic design showcases a Triquetra, a revered symbol of the Holy Trinity and of the cycle of life in Irish Christianity
■ Our drop earrings measure 0.37" x 0.5" each, making them delicate accessories that will add charm to your outfits on any occasion
■ Made in Ireland by Solvar, these Celtic earrings boast Irish craftsmanship & authenticity, making a perfect gift for yourself or a loved one


Elevate your style with our Sterling Silver Trinity Knot Drop Earrings, the perfect blend of premium quality, elegance and a culturally-inspired design.
Carefully crafted from 100% sterling silver, these earrings are lightweight. Sterling silver does not rust or tarnish, ensuring durability and a timeless shine that will last.
This pair of earrings boast a culturally-inspired design that will enrich your accessory collection with Celtic charm and cultural meaning. The Celtic design features the revered Triquetra, a symbol with deep meaning in Celtic culture and with various interpretations: a representation of the Holy Trinity in Irish Christianity, of the cycle of life from past to present and future, and of the cycle of spiritual life – from birth to death and rebirth.
Measuring 0.37"" x 0.5"" each, these drop earrings delicately enhance your outfits for any occasion, adding a touch of sophistication and refined charm.
Made in Ireland by Solvar Jewelry, these earrings bear the hallmark of authentic Irish craftsmanship. Presented in an elegant box, they are a unique gift choice that will impress anyone with an eye for elegance.