Celtic Tree of Life Silver Pendant


■ Made with durable, lightweight .925 sterling silver, you can wear our Tree of Life Pendant daily while remaining comfortable. 
■ Features an intricate Celtic Tree of Life design finished with branches and roots reminiscent of Celtic Knotwork. 
■ The design is completed with blossoming flower detailing, exuding elegance and symbolism of natural elements. 
■ The pendant measures 1.41” in height and 1.24” in diameter and comes alongside an 18” chain and a branded box, ready to be gifted. 


Embrace your uniqueness with our Tree of Life Pendant, delicately made with .925 sterling silver. Sterling silver jewelry is ideal for everyday use because it manages to keep its shine for a long time, whilst also being lightweight enough to wear comfortably. This ethereal pendant was created with the finest attention to craft and details, by bringing together inspiring Celtic symbolism and highly detailed elements. As a result of the meticulous craftsmanship, the accessory boasts a one-of-a-kind depiction of the Celtic Tree of Life. This Tree of Life, recognizable by the Celtic Knotwork-reminiscent roots and branches, carries deep symbolism: it is regarded as one of the oldest spiritual symbols of growth and continuity. One specific detail that strengthens the association between the design and its intended symbolism is the inclusion of the blossoming flowers. The metaphor can be explained with the help of the ever-changing seasons. As in the blossoming of flowers in the spring, we can all mature through a period of challenges faced through winter. This sterling silver pendant has a sleek size of 1.41”x1.24” and comes alongside an 18-inch chain and a branded box, so it makes the perfect gift for your friends and family.