Large Celtic Cross Heavy Pendant On A Chain

Was: $135.95
Now: $115.90

■ Complete With Chain
■ Sterling Silver
■ Made in Ireland 
■ Celtic Cross Design
■ Solvar Jewelry Collection


The stately air and ornateness of the Celtic Cross translates beautifully into elegant style in this Celtic Cross Pendant. Fine sterling silver is used to recreate the distinct silhouette and intricate details of Celtic Crosses that have adorned buildings and countrysides for centuries. A finely studded halo representing unification and wholeness surrounds the center of the cross, bringing a brilliant symmetry that complements the broad limbs of the cross.

Each limb of the cross features engraved Trinity Knots that have been used in Celtic history to signify the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit of the Christian Holy Trinity. This pendant necklace makes an excellent gift for birthdays and holidays.