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Rhodium Claddagh Birthstone Pendant - August

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■ The Claddagh has great historical significance and is one of Ireland’s most iconic and well recognized designs symbolizing love, loyalty, and friendship.

■ Solvar is one of Ireland’s finest jewelry makers, and has been owned and operated by the same family since 1941.

■ Each peridot Claddagh Heart Birthstone Pendant is lovingly handmade by a team of master jewelers at Solvar in Dublin, Ireland.

■ After each pendant is made, it is officially hallmarked at the Dublin Assay Office, certifying the pureness of the materials, quality, and craftsmanship.


Brighten up your neckline with the warm cheeriness of our Claddagh August birthstone necklace! Each of these impeccably handmade sterling silver pendants includes a gleaming peridot gemstone neatly encased between the iconic Claddagh design, one of Ireland’s oldest and most well-recognized symbols of love, loyalty, and friendship. Each pendant is painstakingly handmade by the master jewelers at Solvar in Dublin. The necklace features an 18” sterling silver belcher with a bolt ring catch, and the dimensions of the stone itself are 1.5 millimeters by 1.5 millimeters. The entire weight of the piece is 3.2 grams, making it a very light, comfortable piece to wear that will be appreciated not just for its glimmering beauty but also for the comfort it offers.

Although many believe the Claddagh’s use stretches as far back as ancient Rome, it’s Irish origin is still a matter of some debate. One account claims that a young man named Richard Joyce left his beloved Galway in the late 17th century to work as a servant in the West Indies. While en route, he was kidnapped by pirates and enslaved to a goldsmith for many years. Trained by his master to become a skilled craftsmen, Joyce produced the first Claddagh ring for his love when he was finally released and returned home to find his paramour still faithfully waiting for him.

Those already familiar with the Claddagh will recognized the two hands holding a crowned heart. The hands represent friendship, while the heart of course symbolizes love. The crown atop the heart symbolizes undying loyalty. The Claddagh appeared on wedding rings, bracelets, necklaces, and other accessories as a means of showing devotion, love, or some other form of affection. Mothers would often give their daughters Claddagh rings when they came of age, and they are still very popular for wedding engagements whether they appear in ring or necklace form. Not everyone is lucky enough to receive a Claddagh with a precious stone wrapped up in the middle of it however, and that is where our good friends at Solvar come in. We are extremely excited to offer this special pendant that bears so much of Ireland’s history and symbolism, and we are especially confident this piece will become a newfound favorite that will be cherished for many decades to come.

The Peridot, the official birthstone for the month of August (also given as a celebration of the 16th year of marriage), has a long history stretching back into ancient Egypt, who referred to it as “the gem of the sun.” The gem is also said to have the power to cure diseases of the liver, stomach, and bladder, and can aid the heart and provide its wearer with extra strength and vitality. Whether or not you also follow these same beliefs, there is no question that the peridot’s unparalleled beauty makes it the perfect choice to include in a sterling silver necklace, and we could not be more thrilled to offer this incredible piece.

Please do not delay in ordering your peridot Claddagh Heart Birthstone Pendant today! You will not only receive free 3-day shipping anywhere in the United States when you place your order, you’ll also be counted among the lucky few who secured their purchase before they are all sold out! These are very popular items at ShamrockGift and we want to make sure we have one just for you!


Material Sterling silver
Weight 3.2 grams
Width 21mm
Height 31mm
Main Stone Peridot CZ
Main Stone Dimensions 5mm x 5mm
Main Stone Shape Heart
Other Stones Cubic Zirconia
Other Stone Dimensions 1.5mm x 1.5mm
Other Stone Shape Round
Chain 18” Sterling Silver Belcher, Bolt Ring Catch