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Rhodium Claddagh Birthstone Pendant - November


■ Fashioned out of valuable sterling silver metal that is beautiful, unique, strong and durable, giving the lovely piece its beautiful look
■ The topaz gemstone is a marvelous piece, standing out at the core of the necklace, easily recognizable from a distance

■ The lovely pendant is specifically and intricately designed as a November Birthstone Necklace that one can wear all year round

■ The design of the fine piece of art embraces the vast and rich Irish cultures and traditions by using the magnificent Claddagh design

■ The lovely pendant is a product of one of Ireland’s leading ornaments manufacturers, Solvar Jewelry



Birthdays are a once a year occasion that people come together to celebrate the life of their loved ones or family. The day presents the opportunity to shower the people we care for with gifts to mark their special occasion. Ladies love to be pampered and appreciated in all manner of ways. One simple, sometimes inexpensive yet of considerable significance to any lady's gift box is a necklace. Any lady will adore and cherish a carefully selected, stand out and beautiful necklace as a birthday gift. Our marvelous, gorgeous, and equally mesmerizing Claddagh Heart Birthstone Pendant is the ultimate gift for that special someone as they celebrate their birthday.

The fabulous Claddagh November birthstone necklace is a beautiful way to celebrate your birthday and the spirit of friendship all year round. You celebrate yourself by getting our fantastic pendant for your birthday or consider getting it for the person you care for, especially those whose birthday falls in November.

Every little inch of the beautiful Claddagh November birthstone comes designed with precision. The style of the elegant piece is unique, outstanding, and exquisite. The designers of the lovely piece of art have combined several unique factors in the design and style of the awesome pendant. The designers of the birthstone have embraced the Irish culture and traditions with intricate artistic beauty in their production of the Claddagh Heart Birthstone Pendant.

The most prominent stylish feature in the design of the necklace, which remarkably stands out is the Claddagh symbol. The majestic symbol is part and parcel of the age-old Irish history, culture, and traditions in existence for centuries. Two graceful hands representing the bond of friendship grasp a centered heart that signifies love. The lovely heart adorned on top with a studded crown, which signifies loyalty.

The marvelous and touching Claddaghs pendant's message of loving, loyal friendship features a stunning topaz gemstone residing in the central heart. Topaz is the birthstone for November whose warm, dark, yellow color goes hand-in-hand with its representation of love and affection. Intricately and majestically balancing out the pendant’s circular design and radiance of the heart-shaped topaz are white cubic zirconia diamonds set next to each of the Claddagh friendship hands.

The beautiful Claddagh November birthstone necklace fits on an 18-inch sterling silver chain. You can confidently and proudly wear the stunning jewelry every day to spread the message of faithfulness and love in every relationship in life.

Material- Topaz CZ
Main Stone Dimensions- 5mm X 5mm
Main Stone Shape- Heart
Other Stones- Cubic Zirconia
Other Stone Dimensions- 1.5mm X 1.5mm
Other Stone Shape- round
Chain- 18’’ Sterling Silver Belcher, Bolt Ring Catch