Rhodium Plated Celtic Cross Pendant


■ Richly-detailed Celtic cross with Celtic knot patterns
■ Highly durable base metal with rhodium plating
■ Designed and crafted in Ireland by Solvar Jewelers
■ Pendant measures 20mm x 14mm
■ Chain: 18in. + 2in. base metal


This classic Irish cross pendant is a beautiful necklace made to last. The Rhodium Plated Celtic Cross Pendant from Solvar is made with a strong base metal and plated in luxurious silver rhodium. Inside the cross are elegantly spiraled Celtic knot patterns that call back to the earliest of Irish art found to date back millennia.

The Celtic cross has a rich history in Irish Catholicism, with stone carved versions dating back to the 5th century. By the 9th century, monumental stone crosses known as High Crosses were being erected throughout the country, with some standing over two meters in height and still dotting the landscape. The circle around the center of the cross signifies the eternal nature of God and God’s love and is thought to be adapted from a pre-Christian symbol that conveyed similar themes within the Druidic culture. In this, it is a perfect amalgamation of Irish history and Irish Catholic heritage.

Solvar Jewelers is dedicated to making the best traditional and contemporary Irish and Celtic jewelry in Ireland. Founded in 1941, Solvar is a third-generation family run business based in Dublin with a commitment to Irish culture and heritage. Their range of pendants, earrings, bracelets, and more is a testament to the enduring appeal of Irish design. Every piece is hand crafted in Ireland and bears the hallmark of the Dublin Assay Office to certify its authenticity.

Pendant measures 20mm x 14mm. 18in. + 2in. base metal chain. 

Made in Ireland.