Silver Irish Shamrock Pendant


■ Gorgeous pendant crafted from Irish Hallmarked Sterling Silver 
■ Features a beautiful Shamrock design - an iconic Irish emblem 
■ Measures 0.51" W, 0.63" H, and comes with an 18" Sterling Silver chain 
■ The pendant would make an excellent gift for a special Irish occasion 
■ It is recommended to store it in an enclosed place, away from humidity 


Our lovely pendant is the kind of accessory you’d want to wear on a special occasion like St. Patrick’s Day, May Day, New Year, or an Irish birthday party. It’s also an excellent gift for an Irish person to wear with pride. It features a Shamrock design, a symbol of good fortune that is universally recognized as one of the most iconic emblems of Ireland. What also makes this pendant great is the fact that it is made of strong and durable sterling silver, which means that it will last you for a very long time. With proper care and maintenance, it can even last you a lifetime!