Gold Plated Shamrock Pendant


■ Gold Plated Base Metal 
■ Elegant and Simple Shamrock Design
■ Handcrafted in Ireland
■ Solvar Jewelry
■ Dimensions: 12mm x 12mm with 18in. Chain


This gorgeous Gold Plated Shamrock Pendant from Solvar Jewelers is a lovely Irish gift for any occasion. Made of durable base metal with high quality gold plating, the necklace is a treasure to be cherished whenever it's worn. 

The shamrock has a rich history in Ireland that actually predates St. Patrick, with whom it is most popularly associated. Ancient pagan Irish believed that wearing shamrocks protected the wearer and even that it could predict the weather. So it was only natural that St. Patrick would use it to teach about the Christian Trinity in the early middle ages. Since then, the shamrock has become arguably the best-recognized symbol of Ireland and its people. Wear it with pride!

The necklace is made in Ireland and measures 12mm x 12mm with an 18in. chain.