Charles Gallen Tea Towel – St Patrick

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  • Charles Gallen Collection 
  • Pure Irish Linen 
  • Standard Size: 50cm x 70cm 
  • Heritage-Inspired St. Patrick Design 
  • Multi-Color


Manufacturer: Samuel LaMont

Show your Irish pride with this stunningly printed tea towel from Charles Gallen.

Depicting a colorful and detailed portrait of Ireland’s patron saint, St. Patrick, this 100% linen tea towel is a classic addition to any kitchen in need of a little Irish beauty.

St. Patrick, known for bringing Christianity to Ireland’s population and banishing the snakes from the island, is one of the country’s most recognizable figures.

This traditional design is inspired by medieval Irish manuscript illuminations and features a host of classic Irish iconography.

Supporting figures hold a harp and bound book, illustrating Ireland’s history of music, poetry, and scholarly pursuits.

Celtic knots connect the border around St. Patrick, signifying universal connectivity and harmony. Abstract depictions of native Irish fish, birds, and livestock connect the towel to the Irish land.

And at the bottom, St. Patrick stands over the snakes he has commanded out of the island.

Artwork by Rachel Arbuckle.

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