Claddagh Beverage Pot

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  • Our classic Claddagh Beverage Pot holds 20 ounces of liquid and features a large lid and handle for easy pouring and cleaning.
  • Perhaps one of the most famous Irish designs, the Claddagh represents love and loyalty, making our beverage pot an ideal wedding present.
  • Belleek Pottery has been producing fine porcelain for over 160 years and guarantees that each of their pieces is flawless.
  • Our pitcher combines well with any of Belleek’s Claddagh teaware (purchase separately) and is an elegant addition to any kitchen table or china cabinet.
  • The cream color and intricate embossing make the pitcher both understated and elegant. It should be hand washed and is not microwave safe.


Manufacturer: Belleek China

Perfect for enhancing your teatime, our Belleek Claddagh beverage pot pairs wonderfully with the classic Claddagh mugs and sugar bowl. The cream-colored pitcher is made of parian porcelain and is delicately embossed with the famous Claddagh design and Celtic knots. It features a large lid for temperature control and ensures easy pouring.

The Claddagh is an enduring symbol of friendship, love, and loyalty, represented by the hands, the heart, and the crown, respectively. Many stories surround the Claddagh ring, but most agree that the design originated in the 17th century. Most versions of the story tell of a man in love with an Irish woman, whether he was a Spanish goldsmith or a Galway man who had been captured by pirates. Inspired by his love for his sweetheart, the man crafted a ring with the crowned heart we recognize today, and most versions of the story also have a happy ending in which the pair are married. Before then, friendship rings with two clasped hands were popular, but it was not until the late 1600s that the version with the heart appeared.

Not long after, Thomas Dillon Jewelers in Galway City opened their doors in 1750, and they continue to sell their signature Claddagh rings today—many shoppers with an eye for authenticity make the pilgrimage their to purchase theirs. Of course, the Claddagh design has become ubiquitous today, and it decorates not only all types of jewelry, but housewares, as well.

Since the Claddagh crowned heart represents love and friendship, the Claddagh pitcher is a perfect gift for weddings and anniversaries. It creates a perfect set with Belleek’s other classic Claddagh items, including mugs, a creamer, and sugar bowl, ensuring you’re able to honor your Irish heritage while enjoying your daily cuppa. To frame the Claddagh motif, the pitcher features a woven Celtic knot band. The Celtic knot is an ancient design that many believe predates Christianity in Ireland. The repeating knot is a symbol of how all things on earth are connected, as well as the eternity of the cycle of life and rebirth. Celtic knots are an important motif in early Christian art in Ireland, as well; the famous Book of Kells is full of many elaborate knot patterns.

Since 1857, Belleek Pottery has been producing high-end china and stoneware. Today, it is Ireland’s oldest maker of fine porcelain. The company quickly became known for their white parian ware, which they began offering in 1863. Parian is so named for its glossy white appearance, which looks like Parian marble, from the Greek island of Paros. In addition to making an excellent medium for sculptural pieces, it is easily mass-produced, as it is often made in liquid form and poured into premade molds.

You can rest assured that our Claddagh pitcher will be in flawless condition, whether it is a present or for your own home. Belleek Pottery employs what they call their “16 Hands” creation process—from start to finish, each and every ornament, cup, plate, and bowl passes through 16 different pairs of hands. Between designing, molding, shaping, firing, and decoration, each piece undergoes extreme scrutiny to make sure that there are no flaws. Only finished items that pass though the 16 Hands and all four rigorous inspections receive a trademark stamp.

Product Features We Adore

Claddagh Detail

A well-known Irish symbol of love

Celtic Knot Band

A traditional Irish design for modern tastes

Large Handle & Lid

For ease of pouring and temperature control

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