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Claddagh Cream Condiment Jug

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  • The parianware creamer holds 10 ounces of liquid and features a wide mouth to ensure easy cleaning and filling. This product should be washed by hand.
  • The Claddagh and Celtic knot designs honor Ireland’s rich artistic and cultural history, making the creamer a perfect present for anyone of Irish heritage.
  • Pairs wonderfully with Belleek’s Claddagh pitcher and mugs for a wholly Irish cuppa. 
  • Belleek pottery has been a favorite with the English royal family. Queen Victoria and Prince Albert had large quantities of the tableware made for them.
  • As with Belleek’s other Claddagh teaware, the cream jug would make a lovely addition to a wedding or housewarming registry.


Manufacturer: Belleek China

Any cup of Irish breakfast tea is incomplete without a splash of cream, and there’s no lovelier a vessel for it than our Claddagh cream condiment jug. Belleek’s cream pitcher is decorated with two of the most beloved icons of Irish design: the Claddagh ring and the Celtic infinity knot. For a perfectly coordinated teatime or any-time cuppa, pair our elegant creamer with Belleek’s Claddagh mugs and pitcher (sold individually).

The Claddagh ring has endured as one of Ireland’s most beloved motifs because it represents three important Irish values: love (symbolized by the heart), loyalty (the crown), and friendship (the clasped hands). It is often used as a wedding or engagement ring, and even its origin story is romantic (though many versions of the story exist). The most common tale claims that a Galway man from the village of Claddagh named Richard Joyce was captured by pirates sometime in the 17th century. Those pirates then sold Joyce to a goldsmith, and during his apprenticeship, he began crafting a ring for his sweetheart at home in Ireland. The ring, of course, featured a crowned heart held between two hands. The story ends with Joyce returning home to Ireland after 14 years’ captivity to find that his lover had waited faithfully for him. He presented her with the ring he had made and carried with him as a symbol of his hopeful devotion, and the two were wed. Though the story may be apocryphal, the meaning behind the ring and its imagery has stuck.

To offset the central Claddagh design, the cream pitcher also features a delicately molded chain at the top, and at the bottom, an intricate Celtic knot pattern. The meaning behind different Irish knots has evolved over time, especially as paganism gave way to Christianity. The continuing woven knot that features on the creamer may represent the connection between all things, both living and nonliving, as well as the cyclical nature of life.

Belleek, the pottery behind the cream-colored pitcher, has been an important part of the Irish craft industry for over 160 years. Just after the Famine ended, company founder John Caldwell Bloomfield wanted to start an enterprise that would bring wealth and stability to his town Co. Fermanagh town. Luckily, his estate offered the perfect environment for making clay, and thus, he founded a small pottery producer that has grown into today’s Belleek Group and offers several different collections of Irish porcelain and other wares.

Our Claddagh creamer is made from parian porcelain, named for its close resemblance to Parian marble, which was used for carving Greek statues. English craftsmen invented parian porcelain in the 1800s. Parianware is made in liquid form and poured into premade molds, so finished pieces can often look like the most finely detailed marble statues. Even though it is produced from a pre-designed mold, each one of our Claddagh creamers is individually inspected at least four times during its making, and only pieces without flaw or blemish are trademarked and sold.

Many of Belleek’s most popular pieces showcase the company’s Irish heritage in their designs, as well, and they offer a wide range of items with shamrocks, triskelion spirals, and, of course, the beloved Claddagh. What better way to capitalize on the Claddagh’s legacy as a symbol of love than by giving this charming creamer as a present to a newly engaged or married couple?

Product Features We Adore

Claddagh Detail

Two hands and a heart to symbolize love

Celtic Knot Motif

A classic and ancient Irish design

Curved Design

For ease of use and refilling

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