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Claddagh Stud Earrings

  • Rhodium Plated for Lasting Shine
  • Dimensions: 6Mm high x 6Mm Wide
  • Attractive Gift Box
  • 100% Sterling Silver
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Not everyone enjoys a dangling earring. Some want something more solid or more subtle. But what if you want ones that convey a specific, loving message whilst fulfilling all these prerequisites" You get these Claddagh Stud Earrings of course.  Made from 100% sterling silver and rhodium plated to ensure that tell tale shine lasts for many years to come, this beautiful piece is dominated by the Claddagh design, one of Ireland's most enduring symbols of affection. To break it down, the twin hands that made up a large portion of the silver bands, they represent friendship and a strong desire to maintain that for a long time to come. The heart they're holding in the centre, love – perhaps the strongest emotion of all. Sitting atop that is the crown of loyalty.  Combined these three items make up the Claddagh, an Irish symbol that's been around for well over three hundred years and is likely to continue thanks to its popularity and message, that's as true today as it was back then.
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