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Claddagh Wedding Unity Candlestick Holder Set

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  • This stunning candlestick holder set is made from real 100% pewter, giving it a durability and shine that’s guaranteed to last. 

  • The world-renowned Claddagh symbol features a heart, for love, a pair of hands, for friendship, and a crown, for undying loyalty. 

  • This lovely candlestick holder set was designed and crafted in the heart of Ireland itself, with finishing touches made by the hands of true Emerald Isle craftsmen.

  • For centuries, the unity candle tradition has been an essential element to any Irish wedding. Now, you can use it to give yours that special something. 

  • These elegant pewter candle holders are lead-free and boast a polished finish that make them an Irish heirloom set to cherish forever.


Manufacturer: Mullingar Pewter

Create a truly unforgettable atmosphere of love, loyalty, and friendship at your wedding ceremony with this stunning Claddagh Wedding Unity Candlestick Holder Set!

For hundreds of years, the tradition of the unity candle has had a powerful presence in all Irish weddings, and due to its meaningful and romantic nature has recently become a popular addition to many marriage ceremonies all over the world. The unity candle ceremony is conducted as follows: at the start of the wedding, two guests of high importance (often, the mothers of the couple about to be married) will light the wicks of the two slender side candles. These new flames represent the bright, passionate lives of each soon-to-be spouse. Later, after the couple’s marriage vows have been said, each takes “their” lit side candle in hand. Together, they set alight the wick of the thick, centrally-placed unity candle, symbolizing the beginning of their new union and the joining of their souls forever.

This particular unity candle set was lovingly hand-made in Ireland by a team of top metalwork artisans at Mullingar Pewter. The pewter shaped and refined by this company is one of Ireland’s best-selling exports all over the world, and has been ever since they revived the ancient Irish art of pewter making in 1974. A hard, durable metal with a gorgeous silver gleam, pewter is the perfect pick for any keepsake you’ll want to treasure for many years to come. You and your wedding guests alike will be blown away by the stunning shine of this three-piece set!

Adding a further degree of meaning to this gorgeous candlestick holder set is the use of the classic Claddagh symbol in its design. Since the early 1700s, the Claddagh company has been producing gorgeous pieces of jewelry, houseware, and other items bearing its signature logo, which has since earned a reputation in the world beyond Ireland as a signifier of quality, beauty, and all things great about the Emerald Isle. The Claddagh symbol is composed of three primary elements: a heart, which is symbolic of love, whether it be romantic or familial; a pair of hands clasping said heart, which represent friendship; and a crown over the top of it all, as a reminder of the importance of enduring loyalty. Together, these three features represent some of the most important aspects of Irish culture, and are values that, if kept front and center on your wedding day, are sure to keep you and your future spouse on the right path in life.

Legend has it that the very first Claddagh ring was the property of Margaret Joyce, a woman from Co. Galway who was married to the wealthy Spaniard, Domingo de Rona, when she lived during the 16th century. Their marriage, though happy, was a short one. After the untimely death of her husband, Margaret put the money she inherited from his will to good use, funding the construction of many much-needed bridges in her locality. The story goes that one day, as a reward for her undying love for Domingo, friendship to the Irish people, and loyalty to her beliefs, an eagle passing by overhead dropped a Claddagh ring directly into Margaret’s lap. The power of love, indeed!

Pick up this gorgeous unity candle holder set to bring a beautifully unique element to your own wedding ceremony, or purchase it as a gift to a dear pair of friends with a special connection to the Emerald Isle. There is, after all, nothing as romantic as candlelight -- so we can promise you that you’ll be very glad you did!

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