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Clara Celtic Coasters Cead Mile Failte


■ Cead Mile Failte Coaster
■ Cork Back
■ Dimensions: 10.5 cm L x 10.5 cm W
■ Royal Tara Collection
■ Designed in Ireland


If you want to constantly let your family and friends know that they are welcome in your home, use decorative reminders like this Clara Celtic Cead Mile Failte Coaster.

This coaster comes in a neat square shape measuring 10.5 centimeters in length on each side, and it features vivid Celtic artwork.

In the center of the coaster against an elegant tan background in authentic Celtic lettering is the famous Irish greeting “Cead Mile Failte,” which is Irish Gaelic for “one hundred thousand welcomes.”

Above the greeting are beautiful Celtic Knot patterns in vivid hues of green, orange, blue, and red. Celtic Knots were special symbols to ancient Celts, as the never-ending loops of the knots were used to symbolize the undying love the Celts had for family and friends.

Below the greeting are more colorful designs that feature ancient, duck-like creatures in a striking orange, green, and blue color scheme reminiscent of the spectacular art featured in the Book of Kells.

Add a set of these lovely coasters to your home dining décor!