Royal Tara

Tree of Life Tea Set


■ This celtic set of tea includes two mugs and a teapot skilfully crafted from bone china, as well as a tin of aromatic loose leaf Irish breakfast tea. 
■ The mugs and teapot exude elegance and grace while the tea itself is thoughtfully packaged in a reusable tin, ensuring its freshness over time. 
■ The mugs feature a charming shamrock as a centerpiece while the teapot and tea tin bear the emblem of the Celtic Tree of Life, a symbol rich in meaning. 
■ The mugs offer a 13 fluid ounces capacity, the teapot can hold up to 22 fluid ounces, and the tea tin contains 3.4 ounces of loose leaf tea. 


Discover the captivating allure of the ""Tree of Life Tea Set,"" an embodiment of Celtic heritage and exquisite craftsmanship. This enchanting set of two irish mugs, teapot and breakfast tea offers an immersive experience, elegantly combining tradition, symbolism, and indulgence.
Included within this Celtic inspired set are two meticulously designed bone china mugs, ensuring durability, chip resistance, longevity and a lustrous appearance. Complementing the mugs is a teapot of equal elegance, alluring in its bone china construction, ensuring a touch of sophistication with each pour.The loose leaf Irish breakfast tea is kept fresh in the reusable tin, which can be used as an Irish souvenir after thea tea is finished.
Central to the set's allure is the profound symbolism of the Celtic Tree of Life adorning the tin and the teapot. This ancient emblem signifies the interconnectedness of existence, growth, and renewal—a poignant reminder of life's enduring cycle. The shamrocks intricately gracing the mugs hold a deeper symbolism, representing not only love, faith, love but also the symbol associated with Saint Patrick, and the Holy Trinity in Irish Christianity.
With a mug capacity of 13 fluid ounces, the set is designed for practicality and enjoyment, while the teapot's generous 22-fluid ounce capacity ensures the tranquility of enjoying a cup of tea with friends and family. The Celtic Tree of Life Ireland tea tin, holding approximately 1.4 ounces, encapsulates the essence of this set's charm.