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Clara Woolly Ware Sheep Fridge Magnet

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  • Clara Woolly Ware Sheep Fridge Magnet 
  • Dimensions: 7 cm L x 5.5 cm W
  • Royal Tara Collection
  • Designed in Ireland


Manufacturer: Royal Tara

Keep a cute, heartwarming reminder of the Emerald Isle nearby in places throughout your home with pieces like this Clara Woolly Ware Sheep Fridge Magnet.

This magnet is designed in the shape of a black sheep with fluffy white wool, with the sheep innocently looking on with big innocent eyes and a shy smile. This sheep’s white wool is decorated with hand painted stripes, dots, and symbols of Ireland like the shamrock and Celtic spirals.

Not only are Irish sheep undeniably adorable, but they are also a significant part of the landscape and culture of Ireland. Millions of them roam various places throughout the country, from the lush hills to the rustic country sides. It is facetiously said that there are so many sheep that they outnumber the people in Ireland!

Measuring 7 centimeters long and 5.5 centimeters wide, this little magnet is an animated and festive way to bring some Irish cheer to your kitchen!

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