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Clover Christmas Decoration Heart

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  • Clover Christmas Decoration Heart
  • Ribbon for Hanging
  • Shamrock Gift Company Collection
  • Designed in Ireland


Manufacturer: Shamrock Gift Company

Give your home Christmas décor a warm Irish touch with this Clover Christmas Decoration Heart!

This piece comes in a silver-toned, arched open frame that is engraved with four-leaf clovers on its left and right borders, with “A Little Irish Luck” engraved on the arch at the top and “Merry Christmas” engraved on the bottom, all in black.

Suspended from the top at the center of the arch is bright silver toned chain embellished with green gemstones, and at the end of the chain is a beaming silver-toned heart accented with circular white gemstones in the top left corner. Inside of the heart is a real-life four-leaf clover preserved in a clear plastic covering.

Four-leaf clovers are actually variations of the three-leaf shamrock, which is the national flower of Ireland and a popular symbol of good luck.

It is said that finding a four-leaf clover is especially lucky, more so than finding a shamrock because clovers occur so rarely in nature.

Finished off with a bright red ribbon for hanging, this piece makes a great decoration to hang on a Christmas tree or at your desk!

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