Wild Goose Studio

Wild Goose Studio

Since 1970, the Wild Goose Studio has been producing quality Irish crafts with flair and panache. When it comes to authentic Irish decorative products and tokens, it really doesn’t get any better than this! 

A Full Range of Wild Goose Studio Home Decor
Here at, we’re proud to stock a wide range of their unique range of artefacts that take their inspiration from both Ireland’s rich cultural history and the contemporary world. Each piece starts with an inspiring thought, an image, or emotion, and is given physical form by the talented hands of the Wild Goose team of expert Irish craftspeople.

 Bronze Wall Plaques Made in Ireland

The Wild Goose Studio collection’s inspiration comes from myriad different sources. Many of their pieces reflect Ireland’s rich Celtic history, with its stone carvings, unique symbols, and evocative language; others are inspired by contemporary Irish authors, philosophers, and the moments and milestones in life that have shaped the human experience as we know it. Take, for example, the bronze plaques in our catalogue:

 I Am Still Learning Bronze Plaque- this celtic wall plaque boldly bears the famous quote by Michelangelo: “I am still learning.” This beautiful piece is reflective of the common human experience of forever being on the road of progress; despite Michelangelo’s prowess in life as a poet, architect, sculptor, and painter, he was always humble and aware that it was possible to climb to yet greater heights. This is a modesty that all of us would do well to remember as we move through life, and so we think it’s a great piece for any pleasantly zen household! 

 Vocatus Atque Non Vocatus Celtic plaque- alternatively, for a plaque that will bring a sense of deep spiritual meaning into your home, look no further than this striking plaque. These Latin words translate to a version of a famous quote by world-renowned writer and psychoanalysis Carl Jung, who said that “Bidden or not bidden, God is present.” Jung actually had these Latin words displayed over his tombstone when he died in 1961, in an effort to remind all those dear to him that the beginning of wisdom starts with having due respect for the Lord. Fitted with a strong, sturdy cord for easy hanging, this powerfully-meaningful plaque makes a wonderful gift for any religious friend or family member of Irish heritage.

 Story of Ireland Wall Plaques

For a unique home decor features that creatively pays homage to your family’s Celtic roots, consider snapping up one of the Wild Goose Studio Story of Ireland: Journeys and Meetings wall plaques. Engraved at the top of the plaque is a gorgeous representation of the Tree of Life, considered by the people of Celtic Ireland to symbolize the interconnectivity of all of the life forms on earth. On either side of the tree is a male and female figure, with a Celtic knot below them. Not many know that this fascinating image was actually reproduced here from a 1,000-year-old stone, found in Co. Donegal, Ireland -- so it truly doesn’t get more authentic than this! 

 Irish Slainte Plaques

Finally, be sure to check out one of our most popular bronze-plated Wild Goose Studio wall hangings: the “Slainte” plaque! The word “Slainte” is the Irish Gaelic word for “good health,” and is one of the most commonly-used Irish words in the Emerald Isle itself in contemporary times. Hang this up in your home, and friends old and new alike will know from the moment they walk in that they stand in a place of love. We’ll definitely say cheers to that.