Ladies Ribbed Cable Sweater

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  • Every purchase of our beautiful sweater allows you to experience comfort, class, and warmth combined into one and comes in Soft Grey and Navy
  • The coat is available in a variety of sizes, from S to XL, and you have the option of selecting you’re comfortable, perfect fit
  • The sweater comes from pure Merino wool, that is lightweight, smooth and cozy, giving you comfort and keeping you warm
  • The Kangaroo pockets are the most outstanding feature, large enough for both hands, to keep you stylish and warm
  • The string cowl neck collar is a creative design that makes the sweater unique and beautiful, that assures that you stay warm throughout


Manufacturer: SAOL

The cold season is upon us, and finding that appropriate outfit to rock for any occasion that is both comfortable and warm is vital. Ladies are particularly selective in what they put on and are careful to pick an outfit that is reflective of their feminism and is both classy and stylish. As much as there are numerous clothing specifically designed as winter wears, a lady will settle on that eye-catching, outstanding and mesmerizing outfit from the available options. Our beautiful Cowl Neck Ladies Sweater matches up to any lady’s expectations on the perfect winter wear. The ideal thing to liven up a dreary morning, our sweater is classy, trendy, and stylish. Check out our marvelous sweater that encompasses every ladies dream of the best outfit to keep the cold away as you stand out from the crowd. Add this beautiful sweater to your winter wear collection, and you will get nothing wrong as you step out! Creative design and style Our stand out fantastic sweater is a product of the super-cozy, super-soft pure Merino wool from Ireland. The genuine and pure Merino wool gives the coat a smooth feel on touch, the perfect texture for your ultimate comfort. The Merino wool is amazingly lightweight, giving you a pleasant experience as you keep warm from the cold. The sweater design and style are exquisite, uniquely crafted to result in one of the most exceptional winters wears you will come across. The inclusion of the Kangaroo pockets, a modern pocket that is open either side and is large enough to fit both hands into gives the sweater a stylish, trendy look when worn. The cowl neck collar with a string tie adds extra warmth and sophisticated touch to our masterpiece. Aran prints The beautiful sweater, made from the outstanding and intricate Aran patterns, has a deep connection to the Irish traditions and culture. The Aran models give the coat a unique and exquisite touch, and the Irish link gives it an authentic origin. The Aran patterns, knitted into garments with global recognition and use, have their roots in the Aran Islands of Islands. Initially used to knit the fishermen's clothes that guaranteed warmth and safety while on the fishing voyages, the prints are still in use today as they were over a century ago. The sweater uses the Aran Cable knit patterns that give it a unique and original warm look. 

Product Features We Adore

Cowl Neck Collar

This Cowl neck collar with a string tie adds extra warmth and a sophisticated touch!

Kangaroo Pockets

Modern pocket that's open on either side and is large enough to fit both hands into!

100% Soft Merino Wool

Adding elements of warmth luxury and durability to this cardigan!

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