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Derby Purple Beautiful Women's Irish Cardigan


■ 100% Merino Wool
■ Available in XS-XXL
■Features Aran Knit Patterns
■Front Button Closure
■ Made by Carraig Donn in Ireland



The Derby Purple Beautiful Women's Irish Cardigan comes with elegance, uniqueness and a cute feminine look. This Irish wool cardigan is one of the most popular and favorite women Irish sweaters, especially during winter and fall. The popularity can be attributed to its simplicity as it encompasses a typical style intertwined with a mixture of the traditional Aran patchwork.

The sweater is so comfortable, fit for any occasion and will keep you warm throughout the cold season. It is one of the bestselling Irish cardigans, and its popularity is the world over. Aran stitching Aran patchwork and intricate patterns are identified as one of the oldest knit-work in garments history. Although the garment industry has undergone many revolutions, with a change in style and design, the intricate, unique Irish traditional Aran patterns have remained the same as of yore. The Derby Purple Beautiful Women's Irish Cardigan has absolute standout features that make it a sell-out during winter and fall.

Check out this gorgeous sweater that you can gift yourself or buy it for your loved ones or family during the cold season. They will absolutely love it!