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Feadog Brass "D" whistle and Tutor Book with CD Colour Red


■ Feadog Red Whistle in the Key of "D"
■ Tutor Book and CD Included
■ Feadog Collection
■ Made in Ireland


One way to really embrace the culture of a country is to learn the music, and with this Feadog Brass “D” Whistle, you can not only enjoy but also recreate the beauty of Irish music!

Playing in the key of D, this whistle is made of brass and comes in a standard design with six holes and a plastic mouthpiece. Irish whistles actually belong to a family of woodwind instruments called fipple flutes. These whistles traditionally used to be made of tin and were popularly called penny whistles because they used to cost a penny apiece in stores, making them common gifts for children.

Perfect for beginners, this whistle comes with a comprehensive tutor book that provides step-by-step instruction with music notation and fingering for a selection of classic Irish songs and dance airs.

Also included is a CD that accompanies the tutor book for more in depth guidance in learning how to play the whistle.

This whistle comes in a festive red color and makes a great gift for young children!