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Guinness Coaster-Montage

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  • Cork-Backed
  • Designed in Ireland
  • St. James's Gate Design
  • Official Guinness Merchandise


Manufacturer: Guinness Store

Exciting gatherings and parties can get messy, but you can protect your furniture from these messes with stylish accessories like this Guinness Montage Coaster.

This coaster is not only practical but exudes pure elegance with a creative artwork that pays tribute to an iconic Irish beer that has been enjoyed by people all over the world for centuries.

This coaster comes in a square shape with rounded corners and is framed by a gold-trimmed black border. Featured front and center is a vivid illustration that features the St. James’s Gate Brewery, which is where Guinness beer is crafted in Dublin, Ireland.

Prominently displayed is the brewery’s signature entrance gate in glossy black with the Guinness name and logo imprinted in contrasting gold.

Behind the gate is the brewery, and as a colorful tribute to the memorable advertisements that Guinness started launching in the 1930s to revamp its image, three lively toucan birds are flying in the air.

The Guinness toucan first appeared in an ad in 1935, and since then, it has become the charming mascot of the beer brand.

Make this coaster a festive and chic addition to your home dining décor!

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