Scottish Piper Coaster Set of 4


■ Our set of 4 Scottish Piper Coasters are made with wood and backed by cork, ensuring long-lasting use. 
■ The tartan-patterned design showcases a central piper portrayed with his bagpipe and 'Scotland' lettering. 
■ Bagpipes, part of Scottish culture for centuries now, symbolize bravery, national pride, and strength 
■ These coasters, measuring 4.13” x 4.13”, make the perfect Scottish gift for any occasion


Introduce your home to a touch of Scotland with our set of 4 Scottish Piper Coasters. Created with a combination of wood and cork, these coasters are not only durable but also absorb any moisture that could damage surfaces. The cork backing prevents scratches, so you can be sure your furniture is safe from any harm. The coasters are adorned with a tartan pattern and feature a piper playing its bagpipe, next to a “Scotland” lettering. The bagpipes have been part of Scottish culture for many centuries and evoke feelings of bravery and national pride. Its sound has long been associated with strength, as many legends describe the Scottish battlefields filled with the loud noise of the bagpipes. Coming in a set of 4 coasters measuring 4.13” in length and width, these home accessories are the perfect Scottish gift for yourself or someone you appreciate. They not only look good but can be of real help, as well.