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Guinness Nostalgic Cotton Towel Smiling Pint

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  • Guinness Nostalgic Smiling Pint Cotton Towel
  • Official Guinness Merchandise
  • Designed in Ireland


Manufacturer: Guinness Store

Guinness beer has been enjoyed by millions in Ireland and other parts of the world for centuries, and now it’s bringing even more smiles with this charming Guinness Nostalgic Smiling Pint Cotton Towel.

This towel is made of premium cotton that is practical and versatile enough to be used anywhere.

It features a vivid portrait with a weathered wood motif that gives the towel a nostalgic and endearing vintage feel.

Framed by a red rectangular border, a vibrant yellow sun with serenely closed eyes and a warm smile is hovering over a pint of Guinness beer on a counter top, with the top foam layer displaying a countenance with bright eyes and a friendly smile.

In between the sun and pint is the timeless line “Lovely day for a GUINNESS,” completing the look of this amazing image that pays homage to the advertisements that Guinness promoted back in the 20th century.

Make this chic towel your new designated beach towel accessory or a wonderful gift for any Guinness lover!

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