Guinness Toucan Bauble


■ Official Guinness Souvenir
■ John Gilroy Toucan Illustration
■ Red Hanging Ribbon
■ 3.2in Diameter



Celebrate the holiday season in playful Irish style with Guinness’s official Toucan Christmas Bobble. A wintery take on Guinness’s classic and beloved toucan mascot, the bauble can be displayed proudly wherever you want to show off a little holiday spirit. The toucan was originally conceived for Guinness by advertising agency S.H. Benson in the 1930s and has since become as much a mascot for the brewery as the harp.

The rich red background color stands out against any green tree, while the white snow at the base is hand painted. Across the top, the ornament reads, “It’s Guinness Time,” in a nod to the original advertisements of the 30s, while the pint glass normally balanced atop the toucan’s beak has been replaced with a sprig of mistletoe dangling from it’s mouth.

3.2in diameter with red ribbon cord included.