Royal Tara

Irish Weave Shamrock Bauble in Gift Box


■ Shamrock and Trinity Knot: Featured on this bauble is a Trinity Knot inside of a shamrock. The shamrock is Ireland’s national flower, and the Trinity Knot was used by Celts to recognize the number 3 in life.
■ Irish Weave Design: Festive Irish designs including Celtic knots and mesmerizing swirl patterns adorn this ornament in lively hues of yellow, red, blue, and green.
■ Ribbon for Hanging: A white ribbon displaying the word “Ireland” and a shamrock in repeat is attached to this ornament for easy hanging.
■ The bauble has a diameter of 3" (7.5cm)


Add a dash of Irish and Celtic style to your Christmas tree with this Irish Weave Shamrock Bauble in a Gift Box! This ornament measures 7.5 centimeters (approximately 3 inches) in diameter, a terrific size for display on a Christmas tree. It is made with a white ribbon decorated with “Ireland” and shamrocks for hanging and comes in a lovely cream color that features a combination of two beloved symbols in Irish culture: A blue and red Trinity Knot inside of a green shamrock, whose golden yellow orders intertwine with those of the Trinity Knot, and whose stem consists of a blue and gold Celtic knot, which stands for eternal love. The shamrock symbolizes good luck, and the Trinity Knot represents the significance of the number three. Perfectly packaged in a decorative box with an open front window for display and a top opening for the ribbon, this bauble is ready to present as a spirited holiday gift!