Royal Tara

Scottish Cross Christmas Bauble


■ Scottish Cross: The Scottish Cross is marked by its 4 broad limbs and a halo that represents wholeness.
■ Celtic Knots: Celtic Knots were popular in ancient Celtic life, as their infinite loops and curves were used to represent the never-ending love that Celts had for loved ones, especially if they were far away from each other.
■ Ribbon for Hanging: An elegant red ribbon is attached to this ornament for easy hanging.
■ Dimensions: This bauble measures 7.5 centimeters in diameter, approximately 3 inches.


For a meaningful Christmas ornament that combines faith and culture, add this Scottish Cross Christmas Bauble to your Christmas tree! This ornament spans 7.5 centimeters (approximately 3 inches) in diameter, a perfect size for Christmas tree display. It includes a red ribbon for hanging and comes in a lovely cream color that features a colorful rendition of the Scottish Cross: a blue cross with 4 broad limbs that are decorated at the tips with ornate gold Celtic knots against a red backdrop, while a green halo highlights the center of the cross.

The halo symbolizes unity or wholeness, and the Celtic knots symbolize eternal love. Finishing off the vivid design of this ornament are more Celtic knots in shades of red and green against a yellow backdrop that border the cross. Make this bauble a proud cultural addition to your Christmas ornament collection!