Royal Tara

Scottish Bauble Set


■ Each bauble includes an important Scottish symbol: the Celtic Cross, the bagpipes, the crimson Rampant Lion, and the Scottish Thistle.
■ Our wonderful Scottish Bauble Set ships in a sturdy, decorative box, making this product an easy item to give as a Christmas or holiday gift.

■ Our Scottish Bauble Set comes straight from our friends at Royal Tara, one of Ireland’s most renowned fine china producers.

■ Our Scottish Bauble Set is made using the art of decoupage, an ancient artistic practice of combining 30-40 layers of lacquer cut outs.

■ Enjoy free 3-day shipping anywhere in the United States when you place your order for our wonderful Scottish Bauble Set.

■ All the baubles have a diameter of 3" (7.5cm)

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If you love Christmas tree ornaments that are rich in culture and meaning, then you will absolutely adore our Scottish Bauble Set! At first glance, these ornaments may appear to be regular, traditionally hand-painted pieces, but they are actually crafted using a unique material known as decoupage. Decoupage is the art of decorating surfaces with paper cut-out designs and covering them with many coats of varnish or lacquer, creating a smooth finish that creates the illusion of naturally painted art on the surfaces.

Additionally, our Scottish Bauble Set ships in a very sturdy, wonderfully made gift box so your items not only stay safe during shipment, but they are especially easy to give as a gift to friends or loved ones. And since the set includes four unique pieces, the set can be broken up and given as separate items or as one whole set to one very special (and lucky!) person. The baubles also include a beautiful crimson ribbon tied neatly in a bow so the item is ready for hanging the moment it’s lifted from the box. Each of our four 3” diameter ornaments included in the Scottish Bauble Set feature one of the following symbols of Scottish culture and heritage: bagpipes, the Celtic Cross, the Rampant Lion, and the Thistle.

The Celtic Cross has been an important symbol across Scotland and Ireland for many centuries, and of course Scottish Great Highland bagpipes are the best known bagpipes around the world. Any true Scot or anglophile will recognize the 13th century crimson Rampant Lion from the Royal Banner of Scotland. And last but not least we have the Scottish thistle, a national symbol of courage, bravery, and loyalty and is the official symbol of Scotland’s ancient chivalric order known as “The Order of the Thistle.” Each of these symbols plays an extremely important role in Scotland’s history and culture, and we are confident that these will not only look majestic dotted across any Christmas tree, but they will certainly impress those who see them and immediately understand your love for all things Scottish.

This Christmas, we hope you will treat yourself or a friend with our unmistakably beautiful ornaments. Decoupage traditionally includes 30-40 layers of individual varnish which is then sanded to a polish finish. The artform is believed to have originated in eastern Siberia, and spread throughout China and Europe as nomadic tribes took the practice with them. Today, Royal Tara’s decoupeurs (or cutters), someone who practices decoupage, carry on the same tradition as these nomadic wanderers and have faithfully recreated the same ancient techniques in our very own Scottish Bauble Set. For over 50 years, Royal Tara has served as one of Ireland’s most beloved and renowned producers of fine bone china and exquisite giftware.

Headquartered in Galway, Ireland’s “City of the Tribes,” the company takes its place within one of the island’s most successful and industrious economic centers that has existed since the 16th century. Although today Galway is largely considered a university city, its roots in craftsmanship and artistry pull visitors from across the globe who are curious about this wonderful place Royal Tara calls home. We are so excited to partner with Royal Tara for many of our giftware products, and our amazing Scottish Bauble Set is no exception. We hope you won’t delay in ordering your Scottish Bauble Set as these items sell very quickly, especially as the holiday season approaches.

And as with all of the items sold at ShamrockGift, we are happy to offer free 3-day shipping for our ornament set so you will be sure to have it in time to put these wonderful items on your (or a friend or family member’s) Christmas tree!