Royal Tara

Rampant Lion Bauble


■ Rampant Lion - The centerpiece of this bauble is the Rampant Lion, a ferocious red lion poised for battle. This lion is Scotland’s royal banner and was used by King William I as his battle emblem.

■ Celtic Knots - Celtic knots were greatly admired in Celtic life, as their infinite loops were used to symbolize the undying love that Celts had for loved ones in their lives.
■ Ribbon for Hanging - This ornament is made with a radiant red ribbon for easy hanging.

■ Dimensions - This ornament measures 7.5 centimeters in diameter, or approximately 3 inches.


For a bold, proud way to celebrate your Scottish heritage this Christmas, decorate your Christmas tree with this Rampant Lion Bauble! This ornament is 7.5 centimeters (approximately 3 inches) in diameter, a great size for display on any Christmas tree. Designed with a red ribbon for easy hanging, this ornament comes in a wonderful cream color that features the Rampant Lion: a valiant and brilliantly red lion in a fierce stance prepared for battle.

The Rampant Lion is Scotland’s Royal Banner and was used by King William I as his battle insignia. Complementing the vivid Rampant Lion displayed on this ornament are Celtic knots, which represent eternal love, in tones of blue and green against a red and yellow background that surrounds the Rampant Lion. Add some Scottish pride to your Christmas tree with this special ornament!