The Bridgets of Erin

Irish Christmas Tree Decorations Set of 18


■ Assortment of Christmas ornaments: six trees, six crosses, and six shamrocks 
■ Made from sturdy porcelain, which guarantees that they will last for years to come 
■ The ornaments measure 3" and would make a wonderful addition to your Christmas tree 
■ The designs feature shamrock detailing, which gives an elegant and authentic touch 
■ These lovely ornaments would make a wonderful holiday gift for family and friends 


This assortment of Christmas ornaments will be a treasured addition to your Christmas tree. The assortment consists of six Christmas tree ornaments, six Celtic crosses, and six Irish Shamrocks. The ornaments are made of porcelain, a chip-resistant and crack-resistant type of ceramic. It is an exceptionally durable material with a very elegant look. The designs of these pieces are beautifully adorned with Shamrock details, a wonderful and authentic Irish touch. Add these lovely ornaments to your Christmas tree or offer them as a holiday gift to a person who loves Christmas decorations!