Royal Tara

Set of 4 Irish Emblem Baubles


■ Our Set of Four Irish Emblem Baubles includes a set of very detailed, hand-painted ornaments dripping with Irish pride and spirit.
■ Three of the four ornaments include beautiful, yet subtle shamrock flower designs, one of Ireland’s most iconic and prolific national symbols.

■ Royal Tara, the makers of our Set of Four Irish Emblem Baubles, is one of Ireland’s most well loved and treasured fine china manufacturers.

■ Our Set of Four Irish Emblem Baubles ships in a very sturdy, quality gift box, making this an easy item to give as a gift.

■ Enjoy free 3-day shipping anywhere in the United States so you can be sure to receive your ornaments in time for this coming holiday season.

■ All the baubles have a diameter of 3" (7.5cm)


Our wonderful hand-painted Set of Four Irish Emblem Baubles from Royal Tara will add the perfect Irish touch to any Christmas tree this holiday season. Each fiberglass bauble is 3” in diameter and features an assortment of Irish and Celtic-themed designs that are as beautiful as they are iconic, and everyone who sees these on your tree will instantly recognize your love and appreciation for all things Irish. Each of our ornaments includes a white ribbon for hanging on your tree, and they ship in a finely made gift box, so our set makes a wonderful, easy gift to give to a friend or loved one (or yourself!), and we are confident these ornaments will become treasured keepsakes no matter who owns them, for years to come.

Whether you choose to give the whole set or split it up and give each bauble away individually, there is really no better way to spread a bit of Irish cheer this holiday season than with these wonderful products by Royal Tara. But perhaps what is most special about our wonderful ornaments is the fact that each one is lovingly painted by hand at Royal Tara’s workshop, located in Galway, Ireland. For more than 50 years, Royal Tara’s artisans have held fast to the company’s tradition of maintaining utmost quality, while imbuing each item created with a love for their native country and the fierce spirit of the people who live there.

Of the four ornaments included, three of them include various iterations of the iconic green shamrock, which has become synonymous with Irish heritage and culture for centuries. It is believed that the shamrock became an especially prolific symbol of Ireland after the arrival of St. Patrick to the island in 432 AD. Ancient coins and documents include images of St. Patrick holding the shamrock in front of crowds he is addressing, and it is believed the plant was used as a symbol to represent the holy trinity of the father, son, and holy spirit. Today the shamrock enjoys heavy use across a variety of Irish-related treasures, events, and customs, and we are so glad Royal Tara included this wonderful symbol of the Irish spirit on this set.

The fourth Christmas bauble included in our set features the word “Ireland” delicately painted across two sides of the item in a traditional medieval script, in case your love for Ireland was not apparent enough! Each of our baubles also includes touches of red and green, two Christmas colors no tree should be without! For over 50 years, Royal Tara has served as one of Ireland’s most beloved and renowned producers of fine bone china and exquisite giftware. Headquartered in Galway, Ireland’s “City of the Tribes,” the company takes its place within one of the island’s most successful and industrious economic centers that has existed since the 16th century.

Although today Galway is largely considered a university city, its roots in craftsmanship and artistry pull visitors from across the globe who are curious about this wonderful place Royal Tara calls home. We are so excited to partner with Royal Tara for many of our giftware products, and this delectable Set of Four Irish Emblem Baubles is no exception. We hope you won’t delay in ordering your Set of Four Irish Emblem Baubles as they go very quickly, especially as the holiday season approaches.

And as with all of the items sold at ShamrockGift, we are happy to offer free 3-day shipping for our ornament set so you will be sure to have it in time to put these wonderful items on your (or a friend or family member’s) Christmas tree!