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Irish Baby Boy Bedtime Blessing Ornament


■ Bedtime blessing ornament perfect for bringing joy and adding a touch of faithfulness to any night-time routine.
■ This oval ornament is crafted with great attention to detail from Medium Density Fiberboard, featuring a praying boy sculpted from sturdy metal, ensuring this piece will last for years to come.
■ The back of this piece is adorned with a heartwarming blessing that can be read each night before going to bed, as a wish for joy and love. 
■ Measures 2.5” by 4” and comes with a ribbon that makes it easy to hang in any room, on bed frames or nightstands, a lovely display of faith.
■ This piece comes in a beautiful box that can be gifted to friends or used for safe storage. 


If you are looking for a beautiful way to showcase your faith, or a meaningful gift for friends and family, look no further than our Bedtime Blessings Ornament. This oval ornament is crafted from Medium Density Fiberboard and embellished with a praying boy sculpture made from durable metal, ensuring this piece makes a long-lasting cherished addition, perfect for any faithful friend or loved one. The back part of this ornament features a heartwarming blessing that is great for reading each night before bed. This lovely message reads “Lord, may angels watch me from up above, blessing my days with joy and love. Bring me sweet dreams of a day brand-new. And bless all of those who love me too”. Hanging this piece by its ribbon on your bed frame, or simply displaying it around your home is a constant reminder of faith and hope. Measuring 2.5” by 4”, this ornament is a small, yet powerful message that will elevate your night-time routine and bring you joy. This piece comes with a presentation box, perfect for gifting it to a loved one or simply storing it.