Cable Honeycomb Aran Throw


■ Crafted from a luxurious blend of Merino wool and acrylic, this throw offers warmth, breathability, and softness
■ Showcasing the timeless art of Irish knitting traditions, this throw features cable, honeycomb, and moss Aran stitches, symbols of protection and good luck
■ Sized 60 x 40 inches, this item serves as a versatile throw, bed cover, or comfortable wrap for a cozy evening
■ A perfect Irish gift or housewarming present, our throw celebrates Aran heritage and adds warmth and Irish charm to any home


A masterpiece of Irish tradition and comfort, our Cable Honeycomb Aran Throw is designed to wrap you in warmth and add Irish charm to your home.
Made from a high-quality blend of Merino Wool and Acrylic, this throw is soft and boasts exceptional breathability, ensuring a comfortable and cozy experience. This blend also ensures durability and resistance, making it your long-lasting companion for chilly nights.
The unique design of this throw features three iconic Aran stitches – the moss, the honeycomb and the cable. The honeycomb stitch symbolized bees' diligence and the sweet rewards they earn through their endeavors. The Aran Cable stitch is associated with the fishermen's ropes, and it's said that the local women would knit them into garments for their husbands as a heartfelt wish for safety and good luck during their ventures into the sea. The Moss stitch, with its tiny and distinctive pattern, is thought to represent abundance, prosperity, and rich harvest.
Sized at 60 x 40 inches, this versatile item can serve as a cozy throw for your favorite chair, an elegant bed cover, or a comforting wrap during chilly evenings by the fireplace.
Made in Ireland, our Cable Honeycomb Aran Throw boasts exceptional craftsmanship and makes a great Irish gift or housewarming present which brings the charm and comfort of Ireland's rich history into any home.