Geometric Aran Knit Throw


■ Crafted from a high-quality blend of Merino wool and acrylic, ensuring that this soft and fluffy blanket will keep you warm and cozy
■ The charming Aran design showcases honeycomb and moss stitches, representing good luck, prosperity and protection
■ Measuring 60 x 40 inches, this Aran blanket serves as a practical throw, bed cover, or a cozy wrap which everyone in your home will love
■ Made in Ireland, our throw is a perfect Irish gift or housewarming present, bringing a touch of Irish artistry to any home


A masterpiece of Irish craftsmanship, our Geometric Aran Knit Throw blends an intricate design with premium materials and cultural significance.
Made from a high-quality blend of Merino Wool and Acrylic, this soft and fluffy throw provides exceptional breathability, warmth, and comfort. This blend ensures durability and resistance, providing a great companion for many cozy evenings.
The throw features traditional patterns originating from the remote Aran Islands, located on Ireland’s west coast, that were originally used to insulate raw wool sweaters worn by Irish fishermen at sea. The unique texture of these patterns ensured both breathability and great heat insulation against harsh Atlantic conditions. Knitted using the same technique, this premium throw is sure to keep you warm and cozy without overheating.
The captivating design boasts Irish artistry, as it features iconic Aran stitches – moss and honeycomb. The Moss stitch, with its tiny and distinctive pattern, is thought to represent abundance, prosperity, and a bountiful harvest. The honeycomb stitch is associated with hardworking bees and the sweet rewards they receive for their diligent efforts.
Sized at 60 x 40 inches, this versatile item can be draped easily as a throw, spread beautifully as a bed cover, or wrapped warmly around you as a blanket during chilly nights. You can also use this throw at a picnic or when you're relaxing outdoors, due to its durability and moisture-wicking properties.
Crafted in Ireland, this Geometric Aran Knit Throw is a great piece of home decor, and a celebration of Irish culture. Whether as an Irish gift or a thoughtful housewarming present, this blanket will bring warmth and tradition to any home.