Aran Woollen Mills

Patchwork Knit Aran Throw


■ Soft and warm blanket made out of 100% Merino wool for more comfort 
■ Features a carefully knit patchwork with 6 different detailed and stylish designs 
■ Knitted with meaningful Cable, Moss, Honeycomb, and Diamond Aran stitches
■ Measures 40 by 60 inches, making it perfect for any living room couch 
■ Hand wash with cold water and air dry on a flat surface to maintain it for many years


Get cozy while having a new decor piece in your home with our stunning Patchwork Knit Aran Throw. This soft and warm blanket is made out of 100% high-quality merino wool. Merino wool is moisture-wicking and durable, making it perfect for a cozy day in, or an outdoor picnic. The throw is designed with a patchwork containing 6 different patterns. The patterns have Cable stitches, Honeycomb, Diamond, and moss stitches. All of them are part of the traditional Aran stitches, representing Irish culture. Their meanings are for good fortune, health and success, making this throw a thoughtful gift as well. It measures 40 by 60 inches and it should be hand washed with cold water and air-dried on a flat surface in order to be maintained for many years to come.