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Knit Aran Bed Runner


■ Elegant bed runner made from a soft Merino Wool blend
■ Features gorgeous traditional Cable and Honeycomb Aran stitching patterns
■ Adds a luxurious Irish accent to your bedroom decor
■ Available in 4 Sizes: Single Bed - 59/32inches (150/80cm), Double Bed - 74/32inches (188/80cm), Queen Bed - 80/32 inches(203/80cm), and King Bed - 96/32 inches(244/80cm)



If you want to add a nice accent to your bedroom, here’s a wonderful Knit Aran Bed Runner. With this lovely bed runner, you’ll add a touch of Irish culture to your decor. It is made from a soft merino wool blend, which makes it very soft and durable. The bed runner features traditional Aran stitching patterns, such as the cable, which represents the wish for good luck, and the honeycomb, which stands for hard work. The chunky appearance also gives it visual appeal. Single Bed Size measures 59/32inches (150/80cm), Double Bed Size measures 74/32inches (188/80cm), Queen Bed- 80/32 inches(203/80cm), King Bed- 96/32 inches(244/80cm). It’s a very beautiful home decor accessory that you will enjoy having in your house!