Tree of Life Trinity Knot Throw


■ Authentic Irish Throw with a beautiful Tree of Life design
■ Made from a luxurious and durable Merino wool blend
■ Convenient Dimensions: 60” L x 40” W
■ Made in Ireland by the craftsmen at SAOL



Wool throws are great accessories for creating a homely atmosphere in your house. This Tree of Life Trinity Knot Throw will create a more relaxing and traditional Irish atmosphere in your house. This intricately designed throw made from a Merino wool blend features a Tree of Life symbol adorned with Celtic Knotwork. It is authentic and it is eye-catching and your guests will definitely appreciate it. The Tree of Life is a powerful symbol in Celtic culture. It signifies, above all, the three stages of life: birth, death and reincarnation. It is also a symbol of harmony, so this beautiful throw will definitely bring harmony to your home decor!