Exclusively Irish

Claddagh Irish Door Knocker Antique Copper Finish


■ Finely crafted out of brass, a high-quality metal that does not tarnish or rust, this circular door knocker will last many years to come

■ Featuring an antique brass finish, this door knocker will add a vintage flair to your door. The finish also provides extra durability

■ The design of our door knocker incorporates a Claddagh ring, one of the most important Irish symbols that tells the story of boundless love

■ This door knocker measures approximately 5.5 x 5.5 inches, the perfect dimension to be displayed on any door; it comes with mounting bolts.

■ For the best results, we highly recommend dusting this brass piece from time to time with a soft cloth 


Bring the Irish spirit into your home with our Claddagh door knocker. Beautifully inspired by the traditional Claddagh ring, this circular door knocker tells the story of never-ending love, friendship, and loyalty. Legends say that the first Claddagh ring was designed and made by an Irish seafarer for his lost love to express his devotion. Besides its meaningful symbolism, this antique brass door knocker is a great addition to your home due to its unmatched practicality - it is a unique alternative to common door ring bells - guaranteeing long-lasting use. Being made out of solid brass, the door knocker is weather resistant, meaning it won’t rust or degrade. For the best results, we highly recommend dusting it from time to time with a soft cloth. Avoid using abrasive household cleaners or clothes that can scratch the surface of the knocker. This Irish door knocker would make a heartwarming gift for any special occasion - it will surely put a smile on anyone’s face. The door knocker comes with mounting bolts (3/8″ dia.) and instructions for easy installation.