Exclusively Irish

Claddagh Irish Door Knocker Polished Brass Finish


■ This circular door knocker is skillfully crafted from brass, a solid metal that does not tarnish or rust

■ The door knocker has a sheen satin nickel finish that provides a sense of elegance as well as a plus of durability

■ Our door knocker features a Claddagh ring, one of the most valuable Irish icons that recount the tale of never ending love

■ This door knocker comes with mounting bolts and measures 5.5 x 5.5 inches, making it the ideal size to be displayed on any door

■ For best results, we highly suggest dusting this brass piece with a soft cloth on a regular basis. 


Our Claddagh door knocker will help you incorporate Irish essence into your daily life. This circular door knocker, exquisitely inspired by the traditional Claddagh ring, echoes the heartwarming story of never-ending love, friendship, and loyalty. According to a story, the first Claddagh ring was made by a young Irish sailor as a tribute to his lost love. In addition to its significant symbolism, this Irish door knocker is a wonderful addition to your home because of its great functionality - it is a unique altepolished finish providing long-lasting durability and weather resistance, meaning it won’t rust or degrade over time. We recommend dusting it with a soft cloth on a regular basis. Avoid using abrasive household cleaners or clothes that could scratch the knocker's surface. The door knocker comes with mounting bolts (3/8′′ dia.) and installation instructions. This Claddagh door knocker will make an unforgettable addition to any Irish household or a great housewarming gift.