Robert Emmet Company

Irish Brass Trinity Knot Door Knocker Antique Bronze


■ Official Robert Emmet Company product
■ Made of Solid Brass with Oil-Rubbed Bronze coating that wears away to reveal a darkened bronze "patina"
■ Exquisite Trinity Knot design
■ Mouting bolts included
■ Measurements: 5.5″ by 5″
■ Gift-boxed


Bring a piece of authentic Celtic heritage in your home, alongside our Trinity Knot Door Knocker. The exquisite design symbolizes the sacred Holy Trinity, re-created in splendid detail, with the added circle of life, that represents unity and an eternal spiritual life, thus creating a perfect ornament that beautifully encapsulates both Celtic history and spirituality.
The product is especially designed and created out of solid brass, with an oil-rubbed bronze coating, which has the purpose of wearing away with time to reveal the darkened bronze “patina” underneath. Such a door knocker complements every type of exterior design, bringing an antique vibe to your home. The product is a traditional, yet timeless piece. It is also perfect for those who desire to showcase their faith and spiritual beliefs through a Celtic element that perfectly encapsulates heritage and history. Deserves to be cherished, even if it is purchased for your home or as a gift for a friend or a family member, as it is quintessentially Irish.
Above all, it is simple and user-friendly to set up this piece, as it has the convenient size of 5.5” by 5” and mounting bolts are included in the package.