Robert Emmet Company

Large Claddagh Door Knocker with Square back Satin Nickel Silver



■ This door knocker is crafted from solid brass with a satin silver nickel finish, rust-resistant materials that exude durability and add a touch of sophistication to any entrance. 
■ Featuring an intricate Claddagh design, the knocker embodies profound values of love, friendship, and loyalty, offering a warm and welcoming touch to your home. 
■ The Celtic Square Back with its interwoven knots further enhances the door knocker's appeal, seamlessly combining cultural aesthetics with practical functionality. 
■ Measuring approximately 5.5 inches in height by 5 inches in width, this knocker becomes a focal point that captures attention while serving as an inviting addition to your doorway. 



The perfect gift for weddings, anniversaries, housewarming or the holidays, this Large Claddagh Door Knocker with Square Back in a Satin Nickel Silver finish symbolizes love, loyalty and friendship with its heart topped with a crown embraced by two clasping hands. The claddagh design dates back over 400 years and is among the most recognizable symbols of Ireland.

The square Celtic knot backing hinge is richly detailed with beautiful Celtic knot patterns, connecting this knocker to a long history of intricate Irish design dating back millennia. The satin nickel finish is designed to go with any home décor or exterior design and comes complete with a small circular knob that completes the clapper design.

The Robert Emmet Company specializes in bringing American craftsmanship to Irish design. Founded in New Bedford, Massachusetts in 1987 by Robert Emmet Reilly, The Robert Emmet Company remains family owned and operated and is committed to spreading the passion and quality of Celtic artwork. The company works with local merchants, jewelry makers, and metalworkers to create some of the finest quality Irish home décor and accents to the American market.

Knocker measures 5.5 in. H x 5 in. W. Solid brass with satin silver nickel finish. Includes two 3/8 in. mounting bolts and installation instructions. Gift boxed.