Julie Clarke

Lemongrass and Ginger Reed Diffuser


■ The reusable diffuser crafted from durable porcelain contains Lemongrass & Ginger natural essential oils
■ The design features the blue peacock, a cherished Celtic symbol of the inner journey
■ The jar measures 3.14” in diameter, and has a 5.07” fl. oz. volume, with a 15 weeks scent duration
■ An invigorating Irish gift that comes in a presentation box, with 10 reeds included, for a relaxing atmosphere

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This Lemongrass & Ginger diffuser is a stylish addition to any interior or a lovely housewarming gift. This stylish diffuser is crafted from fine durable porcelain, ensuring its strength for years to come. The vessel’s design features a cherished Celtic symbol, the blue peacock, signifying the inner journey.
The jar contains tangy lemongrass blended with spicy ginger natural essential oils, creating an invigorating, zesty, and spicy scent to lift your mood. Lemongrass oil is known to energize the body, clear migraines, and aid in the treatment of anxiety and stress-related conditions.
As for ginger, it promotes feelings of strength and confidence while decreasing stress, negativity, and tiredness. The warming aroma can also be used as a soothing, calming aid for better sleep.
The diffuser has 3,14 inches in diameter, has a 5.07 fl. oz. volume, and comes with 10 reeds included. With a fragrance duration of 15 weeks, the luxurious aromas of this diffuser will create an enchanting atmosphere in any home.
Our diffuser is a vegan product and an eco-friendly option and complimented in a presentation box, it will be a thoughtful Irish gift for a loved one.