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Breakfast Tea - Irish Weave Tin 50 Tea Bags


■ Black Tea: Black Tea is prepared from leaves of a plant called Camellia sinensis. As a fully oxidized tea, black tea offers a rich, strong flavor.
■ Quantity and Packaging: This tea set includes 50 tea bags weighing 125 grams packaged in a durable metal tin for freshness.
■ Irish Weave Design: The tin features lovely Irish weave designs, such as intertwining Celtic knots, a Trinity Knot, and a shamrock in rich hues of yellow, green, blue, and red.
■ Made in Ireland: Genuinely Irish, this Irish breakfast tea is made in Ireland by Royal Tara.

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Enjoy a taste of Ireland wherever you are with this Irish breakfast tea!

As a traditional Irish breakfast tea, this tea is a full bodied black infusion produced in Ireland by Royal Tara. Black tea is made from Camellia sinensis leaves and is fully oxidized, offering a bold, robust flavor that is stronger than other teas such as green or white. This tea set includes 50 tea bags with a weight of 125 grams packaged in a metal tin that boasts Irish weave designs. Reminiscent of ancient Irish art, these designs feature interlacing green Celtic knots against a yellow backdrop accented with blue and red details.

On one side of the tin is a combination of two beloved symbols in Irish culture: A blue and red Trinity Knot inside of a green shamrock, whose golden yellow orders entwine with those of the Trinity Knot, and whose stem consists of a blue and gold Celtic knot. Finished off with an olive green cap and elegant Celtic lettering, the tin of this tea bag set will also add some nostalgic Irish décor to any kitchen!