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Thanks For Looking After My Pet Toffee


■ Traditional Irish Toffees: Made of high-quality ingredients, our Irish Toffees are extremely tasty and will have you coming back for seconds! 
■ Metal Container: This metal container preserves the toffee’s quality, making sure the candy stays fresh and enjoyable. 
■ Unique Irish Gift: Our container makes for a unique souvenir after the Toffees are eaten, featuring a quirky design, shamrocks, and a ‘Thank you for looking after my pet’ message. 
■ Size and Dimensions: The item weighs 0.33 pounds, while the whole package weighs 0.59 pounds. 


There is no better way to impress a lover of Irish culture than by speaking to his stomach as well as his heart. With our box of Traditional Irish Toffees, you can show your gratitude and offer an unforgettable taste of Ireland.
Made of high-quality ingredients, the Irish Toffees are mouth-watering and fresh. Toffees are one of the tastiest candy there is, made of a special blend of slow-cooked sugar and butter. They come in a durable metal tin that will not only keep your candy in mint condition but will also make for a perfect container for anything you decide to put afterward.
It also doubles as a very unique souvenir from Ireland due to its quirky design - you’ll surely be taken back to every bite of our flavorful Irish Toffees. Everyone loves their pets, and our toffees will invoke that, making sure this gift will speak not only to the eyes and tastebuds but also to the heart.
The whole package weighs 0.59 pounds, while the toffee itself weighs 0.33 pounds.