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British Isle Shortbread Cookie Pan


■ This Shortbread Cookie Pan is made of high-quality ceramic, ensuring durability and even heat distribution for perfectly baked cookies 
■ The pan is adorned with traditional Celtic Knotwork, Tudor Rose, Thistle, and Welsh Dragon motifs, representing the rich heritage of Scotland, Ireland, and Wales. 
■ Each Shortbread Cookie Pan comes in an attractive gift box, making it an excellent present for cookie enthusiasts 
■ The pan measures 11 x 8.5x1inches, providing ample space for creating multiple cookies in one batch. 

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The Shortbread Cookie Pan is a great piece that combines the art of baking with cultural inspiration. The ceramic construction of the pan ensures even heat distribution, resulting in perfectly baked cookies every time. Not only is it functional, but the ceramic also adds a touch of elegance and authenticity to the pan. The smooth surface allows the intricate designs to shine, making each shortbread cookie a work of art.
This pan features segments adorned with Celtic Knotwork, Tudor Rose, Thistle, and Welsh Dragon motifs. These designs pay homage to the rich cultural history of Scotland, Ireland, and Wales. Each cookie you bake will showcase these traditional symbols, adding a sense of pride and uniqueness to your baking creations.
Presented in an attractive gift box, this pan is perfect for gifting. Measuring 11x8.5x1 inches, the pan offers a generous size that allows you to bake a substantial amount of shortbread cookies in one batch.