JC Walsh & Sons Ltd.

Dublin Teabags Tea Tin


■ Wonderfully refreshing Dublin tea blend for those who enjoy traditional Irish tea 
■ The pack contains a generous supply of 50 tea bags to enjoy with family and friends 
■ Comes in a gorgeous tin with a vintage illustration of the Ha'penny Bridge in Dublin 
■ This tea would make an amazing gift for anyone who appreciates authentic Irish tea 


Start your mornings the Irish way with our amazing Dublin tea blend! You can pair this delicious tea with a hearty traditional Irish breakfast to create an authentic and satisfying Irish meal experience. In fact, tea is an important part of Irish culture. Irish people drink between 4 to 6 cups of tea every day and this makes them one of the biggest tea drinkers in the world. The Irish don’t only indulge in breakfast tea, they also love to drink it at around 11 AM with scones and biscuits, then in the afternoon, and then later in the evening at dinner time. Usually, Irish tea is served with milk and sugar, although some people prefer to drink it plain or with a bit of lemon. No matter what your preference is, you will love the hearty flavor of this Dublin tea blend. There are 50 tea bags, which is more than plenty to enjoy with your friends and family at breakfast, in the afternoon, or at dinner time. Besides, the tea comes in a gorgeous tin with a vintage design depicting the Ha'penny Bridge in Dublin. It’s a nostalgic illustration meant to remind you of the good old days and the timeless beauty of the city of Dublin.