Royal Tara

Irish House Blessing Pottery Bowls Set


■ Meticulously crafted from ceramic, a durable material that resists scratches, ensuring this lovely bowl will be a part of your kitchenware collection for years to come. This set contains two lovely bowls
■ Features a traditional “May peace and plenty” Irish blessing that wishes joy and the best for you and your loved ones. This message offers great meaning to anyone who may read it and will surely inspire those around you.
■ Designed with intricate variations of the Celtic knot, a beautiful representation of intertwined loops that represent the interconnectivity of life.
■ Each bowl measures 5.5 inches and can perfectly fit delicious meals of your choice. This set is microwave and dishwasher-safe.


Complete your kitchenware collection and savor delicious meals with our meaningful Irish blessing bowl set of two. These unique bowls are manufactured from ceramic, a durable, scratch-resistant material that ensures long-lasting use. Each bowl measures 5.5 inches and will perfectly hold delicious soups or other meals of your preference, making it a great addition to anyone’s kitchen. The set is designed with complex Celtic knotwork, a stunning arrangement of intertwining loops that represent the interconnectivity of life. The lovely Irish blessing inscribed on the bowls reads “May peace and plenty bless your home with joy that long endures, and may life’s passing seasons bring the best to you and yours”. This message with great meaning is a great sight to see whenever using this bowl set. These items are microwave and dishwasher safe but we recommend avoiding harsh detergents on the surface to keep them in their best condition.